Irish War Hospital Supply Depot Dublin

The Irish War Hospital Supply Depot, based at 40 Merrion Square Dublin, provided supplies to hospitals treating wounded from the trenches. Some 2000 volunteers supply anything from bandages to life jackets. The depot would supply up to 15,000 items a week to hospitals.

Volunteers prepare surgical bandages to be shipped to hospitals in England and at the Front.

Volunteers prepare Paper-Mache which was used to repair a broken limb, volunteers also supplied false limbs, a selection of lower legs and feet can be seen on the shelves in the background.

As well as the normal hospital supplies volunteers also made hundreds of Life Jackets.

Volunteers and supporters of the Supply Depot wore a small enamelled badge.

One thing the Irish War Hospital Supply Depots specialised in was the collection and shipping to England of sphagnum moss. Seventeen species and twenty-five varieties of sphagnum moss were found in the bogs of Ireland. The moss, which had been used in German hospitals for over thirty years, was found to act as a superior absorbent and natural deodorant. The moss dressing was considered so good the War Office requisitioned 5,000 dressings per month, the only interruption to the supply of moss dressing was in April 1916 due to the Easter Rising but the regular supply resumed in May. 160 Women were occupied full time with the preparation of the dressing.

Medal of Merit. Irish War Hospital Supply Depot five pointed star on green ribbon topped with a Crowned V W for Volunteer Worked.

Londonderry War Hospital Supply Depot Badge